Why we Joined the MACH Alliance

Hygraph joins the MACH Alliance, sharing a vision for the future of enterprise software.

Christopher Kuehn
Ronak Ganatra
hygraph joins the mach alliance

We recently announced that Hygraph joined the MACH Alliance.

As an API-first Headless CMS, the principles of the MACH Alliance had long been part of our product and business. We were, and are, fierce advocates for businesses defining their business models by adopting modular, best-of-breed microservices, rather than using inflexible monolithic suites.

As we evolved from "Content Management" to "Content Federation", we began to understand more about how our customers were dealing with "API-sprawl" - and witnessed the myriad of custom middleware solutions they'd built when getting their legacy software to adapt to their modern needs.

Liberating data effectively from legacy and third-party systems is a key challenge for digitally-driven enterprises as they strive towards creating immersive, high-performance digital experiences. In order to achieve this and continually match their rising customer expectations, businesses must hold their software accountable to the scaling challenges of the digital-first era. A vision shared by the MACH alliance as they advocate for an ecosystem that is Microservices based, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless.

The MACH alliance’s ethos of encouraging companies in adopting modern, composable microservices rather than monolithic suites is extremely aligned with our own vision at Hygraph, as we work with our customers in modernizing their stacks using best-of-breed solutions - a key reason for our decision to join the MACH Alliance.

This approach represents the future of software, where companies are in charge of defining composable tech stacks that are perfectly aligned with scaling their business model, rather than adapting to inflexible monolithic suites that slow them down or have them compromise on their ambition.

To get an enterprise trial of Hygraph, and understand how MACH content management can support your digital needs, get in touch!

  • Christopher Kühn
  • Ronak Ganatra
  • Christopher Kühn

    Chief Commercial Officer

    Chris is the Chief Commercial Officer at Hygraph. As an advocate for driving continuous business innovation with composable architectures, Chris is also a co-author of the Composable Architectures for the Enterprise report.

  • VP of Marketing

    A free Wi-Fi enthusiast and pizza purist, Ronak is the VP of Marketing at Hygraph. He's also the co-creator of Build Your DXP, co-author of the Composable Architectures for the Enterprise report, and co-maintains a developer marketing community.

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