Vue Conf London 2021 Takeaways

Hygraph Dev Advocate, Scott Spence, recounts his time at Vue Conf London 2021 and shares some of the insights he gained at the conference.

Scott Spence
Vue Conf London Hygraph

Vue Conf London 2021Anchor

The first in person web dev conference since COVID hit in 2020.

The Venue, the Oval Space in Hackney.

There were some highlights from me I'd like to go over.

Demystifying Lighthouse?Anchor

Great talk on website performance from Filip Rakowski from Vue Storefront, Poland.

Filip gave a deep dive into Lighthouse metrics to help everyone make better use of these tools by explaining how they work. What the goal is of each one and how to interpret the data to make further decisions.

You can check out the slides here.

Vue Storefront + Vendure = Full stack Open Source EcommerceAnchor

A really interesting talk from Jakub Andrzejewski from Vue Storefront, Poland. This was his first conference talk after setting himself this goal to speak at an international conference two months earlier!

If you can't tell from the heading, it was about his dream stack, Vue Storefront and Vendure.

Vue Storefront (built using Nuxt.js) is a highly customisable, unified frontend layer which provides full eCommerce functionality with an API middleware for integrating with your own external services.

Vendure is a modern, headless GraphQL based framework built with TypeScript and node. It can connect to various external services via plugins. It has full eCommerce functionality and is also highly customisable.

You can check out his slides here.

Structuring a Massive Vuex StoreAnchor

Domagoj (Dom) Vidovic from Orbital Witness, UK gave a deep dive into managing large Vuex stores.

From what I heard form other participants at the conference, this was a really useful talk with a lot of good advice.

He shared lot's of advice on removing hardcoded strings and naming conventions which improved usage, readability and maintainability.

You can take a look at his slides here

Optimising Developer Experience with Nuxt 3 (Nitro)Anchor

Daniel Roe from Nuxt Labs, UK gave a great talk introducing Nitro, the next generation rendering engine that powers Nuxt 3.

He gave us a tour of the ways the new version of Nuxt will save us time and make our lives easier.

He detailed the use of the new isomorphic $fetch, and detailed Nuxt 3's dynamic routing.

He did a great talk which was recorded for Vuejs Amsterdam, you can check out the YouTube video here.

There's also documentation on the Server Engine available.

Community Watch PartyAnchor

After the in person talks were done, there was a community watch party including talks with Evan You, and Alexandre Chopin talking about Vue 3 and Nuxt 3 respectively.

This was a great opportunity to meet some of the speakers and get to know them.


It was really refreshing to go to a none React conference but still very similar! It may have felt that was because the last time I was in that venue was for React Advanced.

Vue and Nuxt are both great tools and frameworks with a vibrant innovating community and it was really refreshing to meet with some of it's members.