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Hygraph Management API

This document will walk you through a significant change to the Hygraph Management API.

To improve performance and enable full global failover - not only of the content but also the Management API and Hygraph webapp - we will move the Management API from being a global service to a regional one, co-located with the content clusters.

Below you will find instructions on how to make sure any Management API operations you are doing will not be affected. If you are not using the Management API/SDK, you can ignore this document.

#If you are using the Management SDK

If you are using the Management SDK, the only thing you need to do is make sure you haven't fixed it to a specific - minor - version. The current latest version is 1.2.3, and it is upwards compatible - meaning that it is compatible with both the current and new situation.

#If you are using the Management API directly

If you are using the Management API directly - without the SDK - the following will change for you:

  • When the new Management API is rolled out, the endpoint will change from a globally unique URL - - to one that corresponds to your project region. The url pattern will be similar to that of the Content API.

    There are two ways to deal with this change:

    1. When the new Management API is rolled out, update your scripts/code to the new URL at your earliest convenience. Please note that the scripts will stop working until the change is made.
    2. Update your scripts/code to first attempt to query the new regional endpoint. If that is unsuccessful, the query can be run against the current global endpoint. This change can be made in advance, and will ensure that your Management API operations continue to work throughout the rollout of this feature. Once the new service is fully live, you can remove the fallback again.
  • Certain entities that can currently be queried through the Management API will be moved into a new global Directory service. Specifically, this concerns any queries done to objects outside the project scope, such as related to the user account or app definitions. If you are using these in your queries, please reach out to us and we will provide you with more detailed instructions on how to update your scripts.

  • Because there will no longer be a single Management API, it will no longer be possible to run queries or mutations against multiple projects that exist in different regions in a single operation. We don't expect this to be a common use case, but if this does affect you, please reach out to us as well.