Users can save time and quickly navigate to content entries or other areas that require their attention, across projects.

A visual representation of notifications in Hygraph
  • Hygraph is a way for us to allow non-engineers at our company to create content for our marketing website. Once the engineers define the data model within GraphCMS, other employees at our company can easily add the content through their UI, and once published, our build system automatically rebuilds the website with the new content.

    Hygraph User
  • Hygraph is just so easy to use. Creating new data models and populating them for use on the front end is intuitive and the interface is very clean. The product is designed in a way that it's obvious they were thinking about their users.


Overview of Notifications

Users get notified via email or from within the app, allowing them to quickly navigate to content or other areas that require their attention, across multiple projects. This helps improve collaboration and speeds up the editorial process.