Navigating Towards Delivering Tomorrow’s Content With a Headless CMS

Ronak Ganatra
Ronak Ganatra
Alex Naydenov
Alex Naydenov

Learn how mid-market and enterprise companies manage the transition to a modern technology stack.

Hygraph eBook - Navigating Towards Delivering Tomorrow-s Content With a Headless CMS

Having a mobile-friendly website or an optimized landing page is no longer sufficient. The world is shifting towards embracing “Content-as-a-service” to support the Age of Technology where consumers are spoiled for choice when it comes to consuming content on multiple platforms simultaneously.

As we gear towards being able to provide these experiences across these new formats and prepare ourselves for content in the multichannel world, we need to understand how the role of a CMS in delivering these experiences has fundamentally changed from Web 1.0 and the maintenance of static content.

In this eBook we’ll cover the fundamentals of content management, the global transition from a monolithic CMS to a headless CMS, and whether a Headless CMS is relevant for your organisation.

The intended audience is anyone actively involved in Product Management, Project Management, and Technology implementation within an agile organisation of 50+ people.

We will cover high level concepts around Headless Content Management, as well as the best practices of choosing, implementing, and working with a modern tech stack.

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