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#Can't access part of the functionality

This might be a permissions issue.

Take into consideration that while Management API permissions are global, content permissions are environment specific.

If you're getting a 401 error, the endpoint you requested requires a valid Permanent Auth Token, or a environment may not exist for this project.

#Queries not returning complete results

This is a pagination issue.

The default size of results returned by queries fetching multiple entries is 10. You can provide a maximum of 100 to the first, or last arguments.

The limit of 10/100 applies to projects created after 14-06-2022. Projects created before that date have a limit of 100/1000.

Our pagination document also contains information about pagination limits, nested pagination, and relay cursor connections.

#My query is too slow

This could be a query complexity issue. Our document on splitting GraphQL queries in order to reduce their complexity, suggests three possible solutions:

The document also contains information on union query optimization, and on how to use the complexity tree JSON output to calculate the cost of your queries.

#No invite found with this code

If when accepting an invitation to a project you get the error message No invite found with this code, please make sure you are logged in with the right account.

#Too many requests

This is related to our rate limits. When you exceed them, you get a 429 error.

Our rate limits document contains information on how to tackle this using Next.js, Gatsby, and Nuxt.