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Hygraph resources for Nuxt

Here's a list of our resources for Nuxt:

Resource nameResource typeDescription
How to use Nuxt 3 with Hygraph and GraphQLVideoIn this video, our DevRel Tim shows how to use Nuxt 3 with GraphQL to query a Hygraph remote REST API source.
The Hygraph SKNCRE starter with Nuxt and TailwindVideoSKNCRE is a composable commerce demo with Hygraph, Nuxt, Tailwind, and an external API for product data.
How to build a live-voting experience with Hygraph, Nuxt and SupabaseVideo - Livestream recordingOur DevRel Tim discusses a conference talk where he created a guitar karaoke experience in which the audience could live-vote what 4-song mashup he'd play. In this live stream we deep dive into how this was built with Supabase, Hygraph and Nuxt.