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Hook function for page elements.


  • installation
    type object
    An object with an id, installation status, and config object
    • id
      type string
      Id of the current installation
    • config
      type any
      Object used to store installation relevant config information
    • status
      type string
      Key of AppInstallationStatus
  • context
    type object
    Contextual information.
    An object with project and environment properties
    Environment context, including authToken, enpoint, id, and name
  • historyPush
    type function
    Function to redirect inside Hygraph (internal - path included)
  • historyReplace
    type function
    Function to replace the current entry on the history stack inside Hygraph (internal - path included)
  • openAssetPicker
    type function
    Function to open the Hygraph asset picker
    See the Asset type in your Content API
    openAssetPicker example
  • openDialog
    type function
    Opens a separate dialog where you can load data from an external source or create your own UI
    openDialog documentation
  • redirectParent
    type function
    Function to make a full redirect (external - hostname + path included)
  • showToast
    type function
    Function to show Hygraph native toast
    showToast documentation
  • updateInstallation
    type function
    Function to get the current app installation status, and update it
    This function is only available inside the setup page
    Installation status is a key of AppInstallationStatus


AppProps are common props + installation