Here's a quick summary of everything we released in Q1 2024.



Commenting is a functionality designed with larger teams containing multiple Editors in mind, to promote work collaboration. You will be able to leave comments in content entries, as well as receive notifications related to the comments.

Clicking on a notification will take you to its related comment. Comments display inside the edit view of the content entry they refer to, in the Comments sidebar.

At the top, the sidebar displays how many comments there are in the current content entry, along with a status filter to help you quickly find what you're looking for.

In the Comments sidebar, you can:

  • Leave a new comment: Write your comment in the text box at the top of the Comments sidebar and click on Post. You can mention people as well as project roles in your comment. Just type @ and a list of users and roles will display for you to select from. Mentioning people or roles may cause an alert to pop up in their notification, and/or receive an email depending on their notifications configuration.
    • Assign a comment: When you're writing a new comment, you can click on the Assign button to assign it to a team member in the project. Upon clicking, a list of users will display and you can simply select one with a click.
  • Use the status filter: This dropdown menu allows you to sort comments by Open, Resolved, and All.
  • Reply to a specific comment: If you wish to reply to a specific comment, you can click on the + icon next to the context menu. Once saved, the comment will display as nested within the parent comment. You can click on Show reply to show it, or on Hide reply to hide it.
  • Use the context menu: Use this menu to access the following actions.
    • Edit: Clicking on this option allows you to edit the contents of a comment, then click on Post to save it. You can only edit your own comments while they are open. This option only displays for your own comments.
    • Resolve / Re-open: Clicking on this option marks the comment as resolved / re-opened. The people mentioned in the comment will be notified.
    • Copy link: Clicking on this option copies the link to the comment. When used, that link will lead to the comment, which will be highlighted for easy identification.
    • Delete: Clicking on this option deletes the comment. This option only displays for your own comments.