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Connect your Hygraph project to commercetools

commercetools is a cloud-based headless commerce platform that provides APIs to power e-commerce sales and similar functions for large businesses.

#What you can do with the Hygraph-commercetools integration

With this app you can continue to use commercetools as your preferred headless commerce solution for products and eCommerce assets. By installing the commercetools app, you can bring your commercetools products into Hygraph projects with the rest of your content.

#Prerequisites to use this integration

  • You must have a Hygraph account. If you don't have one, you can create one here.

  • You must have a Hygraph project with at least one model.

  • You must have a commercetools account. If you don't have one yet, you can get one here.

  • You must have created a project in your commercetools account. Here is some information on how to get started.

  • You must have Storefront search indexing status set to active. In order to do this, access your commercetools project, navigate to Settings > Project Settings > Storefront search, and set the Indexing status switch to on.

  • You must create an API Client and get the Project key, Client ID, Client Secret and the API URL from your commercetools project. In order to do this, access your commercetools project and navigate to Settings > Developer settings > API Clients. Click on the + Create new API client button, located at the upper right corner of the form. Type in a Name of your choice and use the Scopes dropdown to select the Read only client option, then click on Create API client. Here you will find detailed in formation on how to do this.

Apps are environment specific. This means their configuration is applied per environment. Take this into consideration if you're working with a project using more than one environment.

#Install the commercetools app

Click here to install the commercetools App on Hygraph, then follow these steps:

  1. In the dropdown, select which project you want to install the app in, then click on the Add app button. You should be redirected to the Configure commercetools section of your Hygraph project dashboard.
  2. Fill in the Project key, Client ID, Client Secret and the API URL. Information on how to get these is listed under the prerequisites for this integration.
  3. Click on the Save button. A pop-up notification in the lower right corner of the screen will indicate that the changes have been saved.

#Add the commercetools picker to your model

  1. Navigate to the Schema builder.
  2. Select the model that you would like to add the commercetools picker field to and click on it.
  3. Select the commercetools picker field from the Add fields right sidebar.
  4. Complete the Display name field, and the API ID will be auto-filled by the system. Optionally, you can also add a Description. This screen allows you to control different properties of your commercetools picker field: you can allow multiple values, or you can localize the field, by selecting the checkboxes under the Field options section of the screen.
  5. Click on the Add button.

#Use commercetools in your Hygraph project

  1. Navigate to the Content editor.
  2. Select the view that you configured the commercetools picker field for.
  3. Click on the + Add entry button or, alternatively, edit an existing entry.
  4. Locate the commercetools picker section of the screen and click on Select product from commercetools. As a result, a new screen will display, showing the products available in your commercetools store.
  5. Select the product you wish to add to the entry using the checkboxes, then click on the Select products button. Optionally, you can use the search filters to find the products you are looking for.
  6. Now that the product has been added to the entry, you can click on Save or Save & Publish, as needed.