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Hygraph resources for Next

Here's a list of our resources for Next:

Resource nameResource typeDescription
Next 14 eCommerce starterHygraph Marketplace pageA simple eCommerce experience using Next.js, TailwindCSS, a custom reviews API, and Hygraph as a PIM.
Hygraph FM: Building the artist content modelBlog postLearn how to build an artist content model for the music streaming platform Hygraph FM, add the LastFM Rest API as a remote source to retrieve metadata, and create a modular component to structure artist content.
Hygraph FM: Building an artist page with components and NextBlog postLearn how to build Leran how to build a frontend with Next and use remote LastFM date for landing pages
Hygraph FM: Adding pagination with Next.js and maintaining SEOBlog postLearn how to how to add pagination and maintain SEO using Hygraph and Next
Bryan teaches Tim Next.js with GraphQL and HygraphVideo - Livestream recordingSee Tim learn on the spot as Bryan teaches him Next.js 14 app directory with GraphQL and "load more" functionality with Hygraph.
Creating an Enterprise News starter with Next.js and Hygraph CMSVideo - Livestream recordingDive into this enterprise-ready content starter that will accelerate your Hygraph project's development, enhance user engagement, and unlock new possibilities.
Creating a QR Code Custom Sidebar Element with Next.js in HygraphVideoExtending the functionality of your CMS is incredibly important. The ability to add features for your editors while maintaining developer experience is paramount to creating great workflows in your company.