Commenting is a functionality designed with larger teams containing multiple content editors in mind, to promote work collaboration. You will be able to leave comments in content entries, as well as receive notifications related to the comments.


The Notifications menu is located in the sidebar of your Hygraph project, by the bell icon. If you have any unread notifications, a red alert with the number of notifications will display on the bell.

You will be notified whenever you are mentioned in a comment.

To access these notifications, simply click on the Notifications menu. For each one, you have the following options:

  • Mark as read or Mark as unread depending on the notification status.
  • Delete, which clears the notification from the notifications screen.
  • Click on the notification itself in order to navigate to it.

At the top of the notifications screen, you'll also find a button to Mark all as read, as well as a configuration menu to select how you'd like to receive your notifications. You can use the checkboxes in the configuration menu to select if you want to be notified about comments in the app, via email, none, or both.

Please note that notifications displayed here are from all your projects, not just the project you're currently in.


Clicking on a notification will take you to its related comment. Comments display inside the edit view of the content entry they refer to, in the Comments sidebar.

In the Comments sidebar, you can:

  • Leave a new comment: Write your comment in the text box located at the top of the Comments sidebar and click on Post. You can mention people in your comment by using @, which will display a list of users for you to select from. Mentioning people may cause an alert to pop up in their notifications, and/or receive an email depending on their notifications configuration .
  • Use the status filter: This dropdown menu allows you to sort comments by Open, Resolved, and All.
  • Use the context menu: Use this menu to access the following actions.
    • Edit: Clicking on this option allows you to edit the contents of a comment, then click on Post to save it. You can only edit your own comments while they are open. This option only displays for your own comments.
    • Resolve / Re-open: Clicking on this option marks the comment as resolved / re-opened. The people mentioned in the comment will be notified.
    • Copy link: Clicking on this option copies the link to the comment. When used, that link will lead to the comment, which will be highlighted in order to be easily found.
    • Delete: Clicking on this option deletes the comment. This option only displays for your own comments.

The Comments sidebar will only appear in a content entry once it has already been saved for the first time. Before the first save, only the Info sidebar will be available.