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Command menu

Some schema management tasks require completing a series of similar repeated actions with a lot of confirmation popups.

Hygraph Studio allows keyboard navigation through the command menu, which greatly speeds up the process.

#How it works

To trigger the popup search bar, simply use CMD+K (or CTRL+K in Windows).

Command menuCommand menu

Type in the search bar to filter the list of available actions. When calling the command menu, both the global functions - navigation, global commands - and context-specific commands are available.

Navigate the list of suggested actions using the Up/Down arrows on your keyboard, or your mouse-wheel. To confirm your selection, use the Enter key or a mouse click.

#Top-level navigation

Command menu - Top-level navigationCommand menu - Top-level navigation

Top-level navigation offers shortcuts to:

  • Content editing
  • API Playground
  • Projects overview
  • Schema editing

#Contextual navigation

Command menu - Contextual navigationCommand menu - Contextual navigation

Contextual navigation offers shortcuts to:

  • System and user-defined models in the Schema builder
  • User-defined components in the Schema builder
  • User-defined enumerations in the Schema builder
  • User-defined models in the Content editor
  • User-defined custom views in the Content editor

#Command menu +Add actions

You can create schema elements as well as content entries directly from the command menu.

#Add schema

Command menu - Add schemaCommand menu - Add schema

When you open the command menu, you will find the Add Schema options at the top.

You can click on the options there to add a new model, component, remote source or enumeration.

#Add content

Command menu - Add contentCommand menu - Add content

If you open the command menu and scroll down, you will find Add Content.

This section lets you create content entries for any of the models currently in your Schema.