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This document contains a list of frequently reported issues and how to solve them.

#I can't find a content entry

Try using filters to find the entry you're looking for.

You can use system filters to find content using its stage, ID, date and time of creation, or the username of the editors that crated or worked on it.

#I can't find an asset

You can filter assets using the same system filters that you would use to find a content entry.

#I can't publish my content

Check the content entry for any incomplete fields marked as Required. These fields are mandatory and you won't be able to publish the content piece if any of them are incomplete.

Troubleshooting - Required fieldTroubleshooting - Required field

If all required fields are complete and you still can't publish, it is possible that you have not been granted proper permissions. Contact your team lead to check.

#I published an entry by mistake

You can unpublish content entries if you have the permissions to do so.

#Images not loading in published content

Image assets have stages, just like your content entries. This means that, just like regular content entries, assets can be saved without being published.

When publishing a content entry that contains assets that have not been published, the system prompts you to publish them as well:

Publish related assetsPublish related assets

If you skipped this and your content is not loading correctly, simply go back to the content entry and click on Publish again. This time make sure you select and publish all related assets as well.

Make sure you always publish your assets along with your content, to ensure everything loads correctly.

#No projects visible after login

Your invitation to the project might have expired. Let your team lead know that you need a new invitation.