Here's a quick summary of everything we released in Q1 2024.


Clone your project


You can clone your existing project's master environment.

Inside your project settings you can click on Clone project.

Project settingsProject settings

Give your project a name, optional description, and select the region where its data will be stored, whether you want to clone existing content, assets, and/or configured webhooks.

Clone settingsClone settings

#Cloning limitations

If one of your projects is in the process of being cloned, you will not be able to start another clone until the previous process is finished. Attempting to do so will prompt a warning message indicating this at the top of the screen.

Cloning limitation warning messageCloning limitation warning message

#Public cloning

If public cloning is enabled under Share your project in Project settings > General > Project, you get a link that you can share.

Project settings - Public cloningProject settings - Public cloning

Using this link, other users will be able to clone your project into their own accounts. This is the screen they will see when using the public cloning link:

Project settings - Public cloningProject settings - Public cloning

From here on, they can follow the Create a project flow.

#Create your own starter

If your work involves using a large number of very similar projects, public cloning might help you work more efficiently.

In the following video, Bryan urges you to work smarter not harder by creating a project to use as a starter, then using cloning to create copies of it, which you can then work on: