Here's a quick summary of everything we released in Q1 2024.


1.1 Plan your content flow


To create effective content models, it's important to understand our business goals.

Content modelingContent modeling

Our aim is to sell products through e-commerce, providing all the important product details. We also want to help customers compare similar products and make informed choices. We want to make it easy and intuitive for them to access these options, to encourage them to explore different product categories and get involved through clear calls to action We can support exploration and discovery by organizing products into categories that customers can navigate, and also showing related products that customers might be interested in.

Similarly, we can engage customers through a “Call to Action” section, where they can take actions like following our e-commerce on social media.

To encourage customers to read and write reviews, we can fetch information from remote sources. For example, we can display product reviews on our product pages or show our overall ratings.

After we've built a solid use case and understand the needs of our users clearly, we are ready to establish our content flow.

#Proposed content flow

  • Models
    • Product
    • Product category
    • Blog post
    • Seller information
    • Landing page
    • Navigation
  • Components
    • Accessories
    • Button
    • Call to Action
    • Clothing
    • Decor
    • Link
    • Product Grid
    • Product Variant
    • Related products
    • SEO
    • Shoes
  • Remote Source
    • Reviews: Top level for all and the ability to map reviews by product
  • Enumerations
    • Clothes size
    • Shoes size
    • Decor items color
    • Wearable items color