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Content localization


Localization is supported as a core feature in Hygraph. It allows a single piece of content to hold many configured locales.

#What you can do

In your project settings you can define how many locales you want to support, choosing from a range of common defaults to providing custom locales as well.

Depending on the content model and the number of locales activated in the project several locales can be available.

Localized content fieldsLocalized content fields

Locales function by creating localized fields on the document model, not creating a duplication of the content. You can stage, eventually version and evolve localized content entries with "per field" granularity.

#Adding a translation

  1. Enter the content editor for a model.
  2. In the contextual sidebar on the right, press the "+" icon to add a locale variant to all all field in the content entry that support localization.

Content Localizations ListContent Localizations List

#Show/Hide translated fields

You can toggle the "eye" icon on the left of a locale on a content entry to show / hide the localized fields.

Toggle translated fieldsToggle translated fields