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Create content

Content creation covers a variety of topics. This document offers a simplified version of this process, while referencing other documents that will extend your knowledge on how to use Hygraph to work with content as an Editor.

  1. To create content, navigate to the Content editor using the right side menu, then select the model you want to create content for. Our content views document offers information that can help you find models quickly.
  2. Use the + Add entry button on the upper right corner of the screen to create a new content entry. This will display the entry form where you can enter information.
  3. The contents of the form to create an entry depend on the schema configuration for that model. As a result, the form is completely customizable and what you find there will depend on your unique project. Our document on field types explains how to use each field as an Editor to create content.
  4. Click on Save or Save & Publish depending on what your role requires. Consult our documentation on content publishing for detailed information. You can also save your content and schedule it for later publication.