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Duplicate content

#Duplicate content entries

Editors can sometimes duplicate a content entry as a way to speed up content creation. You can find this option inside each content entry.

Follow these steps to duplicate content:

  1. Click on the content editor tab of the app.
  2. Find the view where the content is, and click on it.
  3. Find the content entry on the table, and click on it to edit.
  4. Click on the duplicate icon at the top of the screen.
  5. The duplicated entry loads. The word (copy) at the end of the title line indicates that you're currently in a copy of the original entry. You can now make the necessary changes to the content entry.
  6. Click on Save or Save & publish depending on your workflow. If you try to leave without saving, the system will warn you.

#Duplicate relations

When working with relations - also known as references - you can quickly duplicate referenced entries within an original entry. This is a quick way to keep the format of the related content, while allowing you to make content edits that won't affect other entries that contain the same reference.

Duplicating related contentDuplicating related content

  1. Navigate to the content entry that contains the relation you want to duplicate.

  2. Click on the context menu and select Duplicate.

  3. The duplicated reference screen will display. Here you can make the necessary edits, then click Save or Save & Publish depending on your workflow.

  4. Click on the X at the top-left corner of the editor to return to the original content entry you were working on. The reference field now contains the duplicated reference.