Create a Project

This short guide is aimed at new users and will walk through creating a project, schema, content, publishing and querying via GraphQL. You'll need an account to get started, sign in or create a new account.

Once logged in, you will see a list of any projects you created or have been invited to.

Step 1Anchor

Select Create a new project to create your first project.

Enter a project name and description
Enter a project name and description

Step 2Anchor

You'll want to give your project a name, description, and pick a region where you want your content to be stored.

Pick a region
Pick a region

Content is distributed globally using our CDN. The region you pick is where content is stored, and the CDN is where content is served.

Step 3Anchor

Now all you need to do is pick an applicable plan for your needs — free plan works for this tutorial!