Navigating the CMS

Once you're logged in you'll see a list of all projects you have access to. Clicking on a project will take you to the projects dashboard.

You can navigate between the different sections of the project using the sidebar. These areas are:

1. OverviewHome screen with a start guide and links to support, documentation and examples.
2. Schema EditorSetup of the content models as required by your project.
3. Content EditorAccess existing content, create custom content views, create/ edit content, review content, and publish content.
4. Digital Asset ManagerTab to manage and upload your assets.
5. API PlaygroundAn API playground where you can test out API calls.
6. WebhooksA section to manage webhooks.
7. SettingsDetails about project information, API access, billing, environments, locales and members
8. DocsDocumentation on concepts, code examples, reference apps, features etc.
9. CommunityHygraph Public Slack Channel
10. User SettingsLogout and User Configuration

Project Dashboard
Project Dashboard

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