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Crafting the Future: Strategies for the Next Era of Content Management

Tune in to our podcast, recorded at MACH Haus 2024, featuring our partners from Vercel, Apply Digital, and Xebia. Gain valuable insights into the future direction of the content world.


In this podcast, Caryn Jervis, Head of Partnerships at Hygraph, ⁠Jen Chang, VP of Partnerships at Vercel, ⁠Matt Gould, CCO at Apply Digital, Amar Patel, EMEA SVP Business Development at Xebia ⁠⁠and Edan Gottlib, CRO at Hygraph, discuss the forces shaping the world of content and how can businesses harness them to drive relevant innovation.

The Future of Content is marked by a paradigm shift towards dynamic and immersive customer experiences. As technology continues to advance, content will become more interactive, contextual, and adaptive.

Listen in to better understand the next generation of digital experiences, explore the role MACH technology plays in shaping the future, anticipate the influence of AI on content management, and uncover essential advice for businesses considering headless technologies.

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