Here's a quick summary of everything we released in Q1 2024.

For Content Teams

Efficiently create, reuse and distribute content

Empower content teams to create or reuse content from existing systems, and publish to multiple channels much quicker, independently from dev teams who can focus on building faster applications for end-users instead.

A headless cms for content teams

How Hygraph helps content teams excel?

Leverage all your information sources

Leverage external data from PIM, Headless Commerce Systems, and more to combine with content in Hygraph effortlessly. Eliminate redundancy and content duplication.

Publish to multiple destinations

Headless APIs empower the simultaneous publishing and updating of content across multiple channels such as websites, applications, IoT devices, storefronts, and digital displays.

Faster applications for better engagement

Unlock high-performance applications that drive engagement and user satisfaction for your audience enabling your dev teams to build with confidence using the latest technologies. 

Work independently and publish content quicker

Increase content velocity by creating, editing, collaborating and publishing content using your own workflows and permissions, with minimum involvement from dev teams.

Trusted by teams of all sizes to deliver content to millions across the world

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A CMS for modern content teams

Manage large volumes of content with different editors working simultaneously, within defined roles and workflows.

Granular Permissions

Create custom roles with permissions for what types of content users can access and what actions they can perform.

Workflows and stages

Mirror your editorial process in Hygraph by creating custom stages and workflows from creation to publishing.


Allow content creators to add comments to content entries, start discussions, assign these comments and notify users from within the CMS.

Deliver Content at lightening speed

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We love Hygraph. It is one of the (if not the) best Headless CMS on the market. At Travel Weekly, Hygraph is used to store, manage, update, and publish over 100,000 articles. 40 dedicated content editors are able to add content, manage assets, style the content exactly as they please, and deliver at speed, without relying on any roundtrips to the development team.
Imre Nagy
Head of Technology at Travel Weekly, Travel Weekly

Content management, your way

Set up and modify the platform to match your expectations.

Think beyond traditional CMSs

Rich set of capabilities enabling you to go beyond traditional methods of content creation.

Rich editing experience

Hygraph comes packed with all the options content teams would want out of a CMS.

Use the inbuilt digital asset management to host and organize your assets, edit images or add custom metadata to your uploaded files.

Digital asset management

Localize all your content easily

Simple yet powerful localization to translate your content into multiple languages.

Locale based publishing

Draft your localizations across any language, and publish them once ready - either in bulk or individually.

Set Fallback Languages

Translations not ready but need to publish anyway? Set a fallback locale for incomplete localizations.

Automated AI translations

Our Enterprise plans can be configured with automatic AI translation providers through custom applications.

Integration with translation providers

Seamlessly integrate with various localization platforms through apps available on our marketplace.

Extend the platform as per needs

Benefit from a great deal of flexibility when it comes to integrations and extensions.

Don’t leave behind your favourite tools

Connect to your favourite tools such as headless commerce systems, PIMs, personalization, etc. using the apps from our marketplace or by building your own.

Customize the UI to match your use case

Request your engineering teams to build apps using our SDK to add custom functionalities as needed such as conditional validations, QR code generator, etc. 

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