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Want to create content on Hygraph, GraphQL, or other frameworks that could help developers learn? Get your content published on Hygraph!

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Want to have your experience and expertise read by everyone in our engaged community? We'd be happy to discuss details and see how we can expand the reach of your content to help other developers along.

Making a Pitch

  • Submit your proposal, and we'll get back to you about how to proceed – we do not accept pre-written blog posts
  • We're open to discussing content in the form of articles, code examples, and guides. If your pitch is approved, we'll discuss the details about your topic with you.
  • We generally want to include content that is on the topics of Content Modeling, Content Management, GraphQL, Hygraph, Headless CMS, and related technologies. Topics could also range into front-end frameworks, content & information architecture, or other topics that are relevant.
  • While posts do not need to include Hygraph (or a CMS), we cannot publish content that heavily covers other Headless CMS solutions.
  • No trends, predictions, or time-bound content pitches
  • No pre-existing content, or content that is syndicated, copied or plagiarized content from your blog or someone else's.
  • For crediting you we would require an avatar, a small bio (50-100 words), and your social network profiles.
  • At the moment we accept content suggestions for our blog, guides, and examples.
  • If you're interested in creating content about Hygraph on a third-party website, get in touch to see how we can assist you in your research and writing!

We value your time

If you're taking the time and effort to share your experience and expertise on these topics, we fully intend to compensate you for your work! Depending on the content, we'll ensure that you're being given enough editorial feedback to refine your work before providing a concrete timeline to getting it published and amplified. Based on your preference we're happy to explore how to compensate you for your time - either via monetary incentives, gift cards, or swag.

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