We are joined by two new leaders: Dr. Mario Lenz as our CPO and Edan Gottlib as our CRO

Hygraph Partner Program

We collaborate with the best technology and solution partners to help our mutual customers create and deliver composable, interactive, omnichannel digital experiences. 

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Our global solution and technology ecosystem are perfectly equipped to accelerate ambitious projects at scale.

Why choose Hygraph for your customers

We believe in mutually beneficial, open and transparent partnerships with like-minded and ambitious partners who are innovating, modernizing and adapting our customer’s digital experiences.

Unify the Content Layer

Federate your stack into a single API, while reducing the complexity of your architecture.

Faster Time-to-Market

Work with tools and microservices built to perform the specific use-cases that you need, rather than trying to mold inflexible technologies to your will.

Stacks, not suites

Build your ideal stack that compliments your business needs rather than settling for a one-size-fits-all monolith that slows you down.

No Vendor Lock-in

With interchangeable building blocks defining your stack, you're free to pick and choose the services that best fulfill your business needs at any time.

Unified Data

Seamlessly integrate all your services API-first to enable data to flow programmatically, giving you a unified source of truth.

Extend and Integrate

Working with modern API-first services gives you the ability to add and modify your services when you deem fit, without the obstacles of maintaining, improving, and scaling.

Customer stories

From high-velocity scaleups to the Fortune 500, global businesses rely on Hygraph to unify APIs and deliver better digital products.

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Hygraph enables partners to fulfill client specifications faster, and at ease