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Hygraph features

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Content Editing

Empower your content editors with an uncomplicated and easy-to-understand interface where your team can create, edit, translate and update content in one place.

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Content Management

Utilize features that help organize, edit, and publish content, as well as track where content is within the workflow and track who has edited each piece of content.

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Roles & Permissions

Use the out-of-the box roles or customize who has access with fine-grain permissions like job title, translation requirements or down to the component within a content item.

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Developer Operations

Developer-focused features designed to help teams move quickly and customize the Hygraph projects to fit the teams actual needs utilizing powerful APIs.

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Hygraph gives developers tools to easily extend the functionality of the project that help with integrations and customizing the project to fit the entire teams needs.

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Improve teamwork and asynchronous communication by allowing content creators to add comments to content entries, assign these comments and notify users from within the CMS.

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