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For Engineering and Product Teams

Build high-performance composable applications 

Equip your team with the industry’s leading native GraphQL Content APIs, Content Federation capabilities and rich set of developer tools, to build truly composable applications.

Hygraph's Frontend agnostic headless CMS for developers

How Hygraph helps engineering teams excel?

Unlock true composability

Source content from multiple systems and deliver to any frontend of choice, helping product leaders future-proof their tech stack. Experience complete flexibility to add or remove technologies with no vendor lock-in.

Improved developer experience

Empower developers to focus on building experiences on the frontend with minimal backend or middleware code. Enhance productivity with dev tools, the usability of a CMS, and the flexibility of a database.

Prioritize high-performance

Full-hosted SaaS platform with native GraphQL API, globally distributed CDN and advanced caching to handle large volumes of traffic. Get up and running on a shared cluster, or opt for a dedicated infrastructure.

Trusted by teams of all sizes to deliver content to millions across the world

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The industry’s leading GraphQL APIs

Native and not built on top of a REST API, Hygraph’s GraphQL APIs offer utmost flexibility, performance and improved developer productivity.


Hygraph automatically generates queries for fetching single and multiple entries for each defined content type.


Your project endpoint exposes GraphQL mutations that you can use to modify the contents of your project.

Management SDK

Programmatically manage entire project schemas via migrations without leaving your code editor.

Here's what the engineering team at Samsung has to say about Hygraph

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Hygraph’s GraphQL API allows our frontend developers to concentrate on building features without involving backend developers for API adjustments. They can swiftly build and test queries inside Hygraph UI allowing us to flexibly shape the content models and test the outcome almost immediately in the frontend.
Andre Lang
Head Of Development at Cheil Germany GmbH, Samsung

Flexible content modeling

Within minutes, define everything about your content API. Structures, localizations, relations, components and more.

    Large set of field types

    Flexible and intuitive low-code schema builder with a wide variety of field types, relations, localization, custom constraints or input validations. 

    Reusable Components

    Create reusable components for dynamic sections. This way you can empower content creators to build their own content layouts within given boundaries.

    Access via UI, API or SDK

    You can programmatically execute schema changes using the management SDK, or create content using the mutations API, integrating with your existing CI/CD processes.

Explore Content Modelling features
A representation of flexible content modelling in Hygraph

Empower content teams

Enable content teams to work independently using the tools they're used to - text editors, workflows, advanced roles and permissions.

    Reduce dependency

    Free up engineering resources by allowing content teams to work independently and publish new content or make changes much faster.

    Fast and lightweight content studio

    Teams can manage content using Hygraph’s user friendly interface or devs can set up processes to create or edit content programmatically through the mutations API.

    Granular permissions and workflows

    Content teams can set up custom workflows and roles with limits to the type of content each role can access and actions they can perform.


Build Fast Applications, Faster

Don’t be afraid to iterate quickly. Hygraph gives you all the tools for maintaining your development velocity.

    Environment management

    Free up engineering resources by allowing content teams to work independently and publish new content or make changes much faster.

    Focus on adding value

    Our team of experts is constantly improving and monitoring our enterprise-grade GraphQL engine and infrastructure for you, so you can focus on adding value to your product.

    Adapt to future trends

    The web and frontend technology ecosystem is evolving rapidly. Adapt to future trends and stacks without being bound to outdated templating languages and frameworks.

Get to speed with our quickstart guide

Works with all modern web technologies

As a composable and headless platform, Hygraph works with all your preferred frontend frameworks, existing systems, GraphQL and REST APIs


Extend the platform as per needs

Extend quickly to other services or customize on the fly as you would build it yourself.

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