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Solutions and use cases made possible with Hygraph

Build better digital experiences with market-leading APIs. Innovative teams of all sizes use Hygraph to scale their technologies and build ambitious market-leading applications.


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Highlighted use cases

Here’s how Hygraph helps drive business value for leading enterprises around the world.

B2B publishing platforms

Transform the delivery of structured business information to your clients through a modular approach to content.

Ideal for: Market and business intelligence platforms, syndicated data platforms, statistics publications, industry databases, legal research platforms, etc.



Build personalized experiences for online stores with utmost flexibility, and improved productivity for both dev and editors.

Ideal for: International eCommerce stores with separate websites for each market, eCommerce architectures with product catalog content stored along with editorial content.


B2C Media Products

Engage your audience through rich content consisting of a combination of audio, video, text, and detailed metadata.

Ideal for: Media platforms, public content databases (e.g., recipe database), e-learning platforms, digital event platforms, etc.  


Content federation

Provide comprehensive information to users by aggregating data points from multiple sources. Reduce middleware code connecting your disparate systems, and ensure true consistency so that changes made in any system are reflected everywhere.


All use cases

Build a variety of high-performance and engaging omnichannel digital products.

Inventory Management

Building a composable stack can be quite challenging - it involves orchestrating several microservices and APIs into one consistent layer. With Hygraph, you can put together a unified catalog and product experience for your audience with a single orchestration layer. 


Build engaging and interactive portals for your users; from a simple FAQ page to more complex applications like localized online learning, enterprise intranets, partner support portals, etc.

Structured Content

Structure and organize your content and information in a predictable way and, classified with metadata. Hygraph lets you create cleaner content once to be reusable across devices, saving you time and resources.

Websites and SEO

Build innovative and lightning-fast websites using modern frontend technologies of choice through a native GraphQL, API-first, headless CMS.

Hygraph for content localization

Reach out to global audiences across all markets and channels, while centrally managing and publishing all your translated content.

Application content

Embrace structured content and deliver API-first to multiple digital applications across SaaS, mobile apps, web, streaming platforms, and more.


With industry-leading performance, a wide technology ecosystem, and unmatched GraphQL APIs, Hygraph helps you scale your eCommerce business to unforeseen heights.

Content Federation

Control information silos with a federated content layer. Provide your teams a central repository to create, enrich, deliver, and consume content, ensuring true content federation.

Media Products and Platforms

Hygraph makes it easy for you to unify and contextualize content to build next-generation media products for your audience.

Knowledge bases & portals

Manage critical knowledge in a more structured, centralized, enriched, and reusable manner. Bring together information from any source, and disseminate to any destination.

B2B publishing platforms

Transform the way you deliver structured information to your clients. Efficiently distribute modular content across multiple platforms using a unified API. Create multichannel customer experiences moving beyond page-based thinking. 

Model complex datasets

Unlock a true modular content strategy by breaking down your content into structured models. With an easy-to-use Schema Builder, quickly define logical relationships between these individual models, even for the most complex datasets.

Omnichannel content distribution

Provide consistent and up-to-date information by delivering content from one single API, ensuring new content or any changes made across your tech stack are automatically reflected across all your marketing channels.

Data unification

Unify content from multiple systems without duplication, combine and distribute to any frontend or application using a single GraphQL API.

See how companies are scaling with Hygraph

From high-velocity scaleups to the Fortune 500, global businesses rely on Hygraph to unify APIs and deliver better digital products.

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