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Transform your omnichannel strategy with a headless CMS

Centrally manage and deliver consistent content to all your marketing channels; apps, web, chat, IoT devices, kiosks, etc.


Trusted by teams of all sizes to deliver content to millions across the world

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Deliver to any destination; headless and API-first

With Hygraph, you aren’t restricted to just publishing to a single website or mobile app, and can deliver content to any marketing channel (native apps, VR, IoT, etc.).

Edit once, publish everywhere

Your editorial teams can centrally manage and create content in one CMS, and publish to all of your marketing channels at once.


Build apps for any channel using a single API

Engineering teams can use one single GraphQL API to query content and build apps for any existing or future channel, using any framework of choice.


One CMS for all your international apps

Manage content for multiple sites or apps across geographies through a single CMS with powerful localization capabilities.


Providing consistent content across all marketing channels

2U, a global edtech company, chose Hygraph to deliver content to multiple marketing channels; marketing websites, course collateral, product pages, and other user-facing interfaces.

2U-Hygraph Case Study

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