Here's a quick summary of everything we released in Q1 2024.

Introducing Components

Breeze through content creation with our newest feature that is an intuitive way to expand content modeling capabilities.

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Move away from rigid content structures to highly composable content blocks. Components enable teams to build schemas with reusable content templates which can be used across models - accelerating content operations and reducing schema complexity. With Components, there are a few new concepts and considerations worth getting up to speed with.

Using Components

Flexible and reusable, Components are pre-defined set of fields to be used across multiple models. Create them within your Schema Builder and add fields as needed.

In the Schema Builder, simply add your components to models as a field. Basic Components let you add a single component, while Modular Components allow you to add several.


A Basic Component allows a single component to be added to a model, giving content operators limited flexibility in types of components an entry can have.

Basic component screenshot


Modular Components are more dynamic, allowing for several components to be added within a model, giving content operators more flexibility in choosing which components to add to an entry.

Mudular component screenshot

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