Hygraph Vs. Kontent.ai

Explore Hygraph as a Kontent.ai alternative

GraphCMS Vs. Kentico Kontent: GraphCMS as a Kentico Kontent Alternative

API and Core Features

HygraphKentico Kontent
Cloud Hosted (SaaS)
Custom Regions
Frontend Agnostic
GraphQL Content APIVia Plugin
GraphQL Management API
GraphQL Mutations
GraphQL Native
Image Delivery and Transformation API
Migration Tools
On premises hosting / Self
Open Source
Permanent Auth Tokens
Public APIs
Shared Regions43

Learn more about Hygraph's core features.

Content Modelling

HygraphKentico Kontent
API Playground
Conditional Fields
Flexible Content Modelling
Localisation (i18n)
Nested Fields
Required Fields
Saved Queries
Searchable Content
Sortable Relations
Unique FieldsVia Workarounds

Editorial Features and Content Management

HygraphKentico Kontent
Batch Overwrites
Content Type: Asset Picker
Content Type: Booleans (Checkbox)
Content Type: Color
Content Type: Date and Time
Content Type: Enumeration (Dropdown)No but via plugin
Content Type: Float (Decimals)
Content Type: Integers (Numbers)
Content Type: JSON Editor
Content Type: MapNo but via plugin
Content Type: Markdown
Content Type: Multi Line Text
Content Type: References
Content Type: Rich Text Editor (WYSIWYG)
Content Type: Single Line Text
Custom Metadata
Custom Roles
Custom Workflows
Global Content CDN
GraphQL Unions (Polymorphic Relations)
Image Editor
Multiple Environments
Project Cloning
Rich Editing Interface
SEO Friendly
Static Site Generator Friendly

Explore all of Hygraph's capabilities on our features page and docs.

Digital Asset Management

HygraphKentico Kontent
Asset TransformationsVia Plugin
Assets from Facebook
Assets from Google Drive
Assets from Instagram
Assets from Search
Assets from System
Assets from URL
Digital Asset Management (DAM)Via Plugin
Global Asset CDN
SEO Optimized Asset Management

Community and Resources

HygraphKentico Kontent
Examples : Blog
Examples : Gatsby
Examples : Gridsome
Examples : NextJS
Examples : NuxtJS
Examples : ReactJS
Examples : Sapper
Examples : Svelte
Examples : Union Types
Examples : VueJS
Reference App : eCommerce
Reference App : Events and Conferences
Reference App : Marketing Website
Reference App : Podcasts
Reference App : Travel & Hospitality

Explore more references on our GitHub profile, or view examples created with Hygraph and popular frameworks like Gatsby, NextJS, Svelte, Gridsome, and Vue, amongst others.

Plans and Pricing

HygraphKentico Kontent
Additional API Operations1,000,000/month 10c/10,000 On topMust upgrade
Additional Asset Traffic500GB/month 10c/1GB On topMust upgrade
Content Entries10,000 - Unlimited10,000 - Unlimited
Custom Pricing
Enterprise Plans
Free forever community plan
Free trial for Premium features
Monthly and Annual Plans
Plans in EUR
Plans in USD
Pricing ByProjectCompany
Self Service Plans

Get started with a free forever developer plan or explore our other pricing options to accommodate your scaling needs.

Security, Compliance, and Support

HygraphKentico Kontent
24/7 Infrastructure MonitoringUnknown
Advanced Firewall RulesUnknown
Audit Logs
Choice of data center
Community Support
Customer Success
Dedicated InfrastructureUnknown
Email Support
Encryption at rest
Encryption in transit
GDPR Compliant Infrastructure
Hosted in Europe
Implementation Partner Network
Login with Github
Login with Socials
Onboarding and Architecture Support
Onsite Chat
Project Backups
Public Slack Channel
SLA Performance
SLA Support
Solution Architects
SSO Support
User ManagementUnknown

Note: We constantly monitor and update the information here as and when we're aware of any changes. For any inconsistencies or inaccuracies please get in touch to update the comparisons.

Loved and trusted at scale

Loved and trusted at scale

We’re committed to building an industry-leading and best in class solution for companies and teams of all sizes. Over the years we've taken great pride in the ideas our customers have built, and continue to work alongside them in raising the bar to see what they can accomplish with Hygraph. In return, we've enjoyed their support and feedback with exceptional reviews across GetApp, Capterra, G2 Crowd, and ProductHunt.

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Hygraph raises the bar

Hygraph raises the bar

Used by over 30,000 teams of all sizes across the world, Hygraph is the solid content infrastructure powering the ambitious ideas of companies like Shure, Unilever, and Discovery.

Whether you’re adding more products into your portfolio, evolving your tech stack, increasing your project’s complexity, or expanding into new markets, Hygraph can scale horizontally, vertically, and globally.

See how Hygraph can power your ambitious ideas