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Content drives today’s cutting-edge experiences. Create, manage, and publish content much faster with Hygraph Studio — the new, intuitive experience for working with your content in Hygraph.


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Hygraph Studio is ideal for teams who want to

Work independently and launch faster

Manage your content using workflows and permissions using the fast, lightweight, and intuitive content management interface.

Save time building with reusable components

Craft the page layout without involving your developers in the workflow. Use premade components and preview the final output before taking it live.

Stay consistent while publishing content everywhere

Publish/update your content across channels—websites, applications, or digital displays—simultaneously for a consistent omnichannel experience.

Drive engagement with faster applications

Free up your development teams to build high-performance content-rich applications faster using the tools and tech they love.

Empower your developers to be more productive

Iterate and launch new features faster by freeing yourself from backend complexity and enabling business users.

Give developers flexibility to speed up deployment

An API-first approach gives developers the freedom to work with preferred technologies and frameworks, boosting their productivity.

Power cross-functional workflows and enhance your team's productivity

Simplified editor with field outlines, allowing editors to manage content even for large complex content types seamlessly.


Intuitive Schema Builder

Define the schema and structure your content API within minutes using our low-code schema builder.

Environment Management

Clone existing environments to test changes and promote to production instantly once development is complete.

Command Menu (CMD+K)

Allow content editors to add comments to entries, assign them to users, and notify them from within the CMS.

Integrated API Playground

Experiment with queries and mutations, right from within the Studio using our integrated API Playground.

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