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From rapidly growing digital-first companies up to the Fortune 500, Hygraph is the solid content platform behind some of the most ambitous content experiences.

  • Telenor

    When you work with a monolith, you become a spec writer. We needed the abstraction layer and UI on top of it (database), which would have used a large amount of development resources.

    Lars-Flemming ClausenSenior Engineer at Telenor
  • BioCentury

    My eyes lit up at how easy and intuitive it was to do content modeling with Hygraph. It gives me unlimited possibilities of what we can connect and build based on what we’re looking for.

    Jenny NicholsDirector of Publishing at BioCentury Inc.
  • Prym

    Hygraph is what we need for the future.

    Michael UrbanDirector of eCommerce and Digital Solutions
  • Samsung

    Hygraph’s out of box support for GraphQL allows our frontend developers to concentrate on building features without involving backend developers for API adjustments.

    Andre LangHead Of Development at Cheil Germany GmbH