Here's a quick summary of everything we released in Q1 2024.

eCommerce Storefront

Simple eCommerce shop built using Next.js, TailwindCSS, Stripe, and Hygraph, focused on order creation and checkout, using Hygraph as a PIM.

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About the starter

The Hygraph eCommerce Storefront starter is a simple reference application focused on showcasing a product inventory, illustrating how to build an eCommerce shop with a Headless CMS. Built using Next.js, Stripe, and TailwindCSS, the Hygraph eCommerce Storefront lets you get up and running with your own project and frontend.


The Hygraph eCommerce starter comes with these powerful features out of the box

  • Styled using TailwindCSS
  • Fully localized product catalogue built with Hygraph localization and Next.js.
  • Pre-rendered catalogue pages via getStaticProps and getStaticPaths.
  • Dynamic client-side data fetching via SWR.
  • Localized shopping cart with react-use-cart.
  • Hosted checkout and payment flow with Stripe Checkout.
  • Use the Hygraph mutation API with API Routes to create orders on successful checkout (via webhook).
  • Multiple currency support.


Get up and running with your own eCommerce storefront within minutes!

Clone project

Deploy with Vercel

Build your own app

Build your own app using our SDK and extend Hygraph functionalities according to your unique requirements.