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Future of Content

Insights From 400 Tech Leaders

Michael Lukaszczyk
Michael Lukaszczyk
Omer Gokce Tumer
Omer Gokce Tumer
Future of Content

We’re excited to share key insights gathered from our recent survey on the state of Content Management Systems. Based on responses from 400 tech leaders, our findings highlight a significant concern: many CMSs aren’t meeting expectations for seamless digital experiences for companies and their customers.

Snapshot of the key stats:

  • 84% feel their CMS hinders the organization from unlocking content's full value

  • 80% of respondents expressed concerns about future-proofing their existing CMS 

  • 91% of tech leaders are dealing with siloed content

  • 92% find it challenging to deliver content from various sources to multiple channels

Looking forward, there’s a growing need for a CMS that effortlessly blends data from diverse sources and broadcasts it across every channel.

Download the full report to gain insights into:

  • CMS challenges shared by 400 tech leaders

  • How to eliminate innovation bottlenecks

  • Best practices on how to efficiently use your content

  • How to futureproof your content strategy

Download the report

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