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Headless CMS 101

A 7-part crash course on headless CMS.

Jing Li
Jing Li
Dino Kukic
Dino Kukic
Headless CMS 101

Over the years, the demands of the modern enterprise have undergone a metamorphosis caused by the relentless pace of innovation and changing consumer expectations. To keep up with these changes, the tools companies use to manage their content experiences have also changed. 

Content management systems have undergone various iterations, from monolithic and custom-made systems that have served companies for over a decade to traditional CMSs like WordPress that power millions of websites and blogs. 

However, another solution is needed for businesses that want to provide omnichannel experiences to customers spanning web, mobile, social media, voice-activated devices, and emerging digital touchpoints. Enter the headless CMS. 

This eBook is a seven-part crash course to get you started with a headless CMS. Throughout this eBook, you will learn everything you need to know and find all of the resources you will ever need.

We will cover the following topics:

  • What Is a headless CMS
  • Why Use a Headless CMS
  • When To Go Headless?
  • Challenges of Headless CMS
  • Headless CMS Selection Criteria
  • Getting Started With a Headless CMS
  • Headless CMS Success Stories

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