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Hygraph Talks: Content Strategy and Voice Readiness

We caught up with Preston So from Oracle to talk about the considerations of Content Strategy when expanding to Voice platforms.
Ronak Ganatra
Preston So

Written by Ronak & Preston

Jun 15, 2021
hygraph Talks with Preston So on Content Strategy and Voice Readiness

In our most recent edition of Hygraph Talks, I caught up with Preston So, Senior Director of Product Strategy at Oracle, to talk about Content Management, Content Strategy, and Voice Readiness.

With Preston having literally written the book on Voice Content and Usability - a first in the space - this conversation went through the evolution of content needs from Web CMS to Headless CMS to DXPs, and factored in the considerations needed when creating content for "non-visual" displays.

Watch the conversation and feel free to get in touch with Preston or me to discuss more on Voice Content.

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