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Hygraph Talks: Headless Commerce with Filippo Conforti

In this episode of Hygraph Talks, Ronak gets into a conversation with Filippo Conforti, Founder & CEO at Commerce Layer, to talk about the rise of Headless Commerce for scaling businesses.
Ronak Ganatra
Filippo Conforti

Written by Ronak & Filippo

Dec 11, 2020
Understanding the rise of Headless Commerce for scaling business needs with Filippo Conforti from Commerce Layer

In this episode of Hygraph Talks, I get into a conversation with Filippo Conforti, Founder, and CEO at Commerce Layer, to talk about the rise of Headless Commerce for scaling businesses, Headless CMS, and Jamstack adoption for the enterprise.

#About Commerce Layer

Commerce Layer is a headless commerce platform and order management system that lets you add global shopping capabilities to any website, mobile app, chatbot, or IoT device, with ease. Use a best-of-breed CMS to create beautiful content, and make it shoppable through their blazing-fast and secure API, on a global scale.

#Key takeaways from the conversation

What is Headless Commerce?

Learn more about Headless Commerce in its simplest form - as a separation of the front end and back end of an eCommerce application. This architecture offers brands freedom of expression to build whatever and however, they want. Most importantly, it enables brands to enrich the customer experience.

"Headless Commerce is also a stack by itself, that's made possible by several specialized systems, which is a different approach to monolithic architectures."

Filippo Conforti, Founder, and CEO, Commerce Layer

Why is there such a surge in popularity for Jamstack and eCommerce?

The Jamstack ecosystem offers several competitive advantages to an eCommerce business, including security, performance, scalability, rapid development, efficient use of developers, and cost savings.

Why should eCommerce follow the Headless micro-service approach?

Filippo is a strong believer in Commerce going headless. Not just for the performance gains it brings to API driven businesses, but for several factors around security, scalability, and the ability to use a truly best-of-breed stack when delivering modern eCommerce experiences.

Why should large-scale enterprises pay attention to Headless solutions and micro-services rather than stick with monolithic structures?

Enterprise companies operating in the eCommerce space looking to deliver seamless user experiences, often wonder how to do so. Is there a way that does not require them to invent their own IoT device or build back-end solutions from scratch? Headless Commerce answers several of those concerns. According to Filippo, Headless Commerce and Jamstack are rapidly maturing into enterprise adoption, and as an extension of the headless content management space, headless commerce offers you the capabilities to build customized user experiences across channels, paving the way for true omnichannel commerce.

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