Here's a quick summary of everything we released in Q1 2024.

Build Jamstack websites with a headless CMS

Leverage Hygraph's powerful GraphQL API to build high-performance websites using any javascript framework, while providing editorial teams with an intuitive interface to manage and publish content.


Trusted by teams of all sizes to deliver content using high-performance jamstack sites.

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What is Jamstack and how does it relate with a headless CMS?

Jamstack refers to a web development architecture that helps you build websites and digital applications that are fast, lightweight and secure.

This is achieved by using a combination of JavaScript (J) frameworks for handling dynamic functionality⁠, APIs (A) to fetch dynamic content, and pre-built Markup (M) to reduce the number of requests to the server.

Generally, for traditional websites, a monlithic CMS provides editorial teams with the interface to manage and publish content. However, to build Jamstack applications (website, mobile apps, kiosks, etc.) you need a CMS that is headless, and hence delivers content via an API, essentially providing one of the As in your JAM!


Why Choose Hygraph as your Jamstack CMS?

Industry’s most powerful GraphQL API

Native and not built on top of a REST API, Hygraph’s GraphQL APIs offer utmost flexibility, performance and improved developer productivity.

Work with any modern frontend framework or SSG

Hygraph provides the flexibility to build your Jamstack site using any tech framework that you prefer.

Build Jamstack sites using modern Javascript frameworks

Sweet spot for both devs and editors

Hygraph offers an intuitive interface for content teams to independently edit, decide the final layout and publish pages using their own workflows and custom permissions. At the same time, it offers developers with an API and multiple tools to build and launch iterations faster.

Quickly structure your content

Hygraph offers intuitve Schema Modelling to define your contents' structure, it's relationships and generate the resulting API, with little or no backend expertise.


All the Dev tools to boost your productivity

Create your live Jamstack site powered by Hygraph CMS within minutes

Clone and start exploring our starter called SKNCRE, a composable commerce and Jamstack site built with Hygraph, NuxtJS, and an external API for product data.


Experiencing impressive organic traffic growth with a high-performance website

Autoweb experienced 95% increase in page views due to its high-performance Jamstack website created using Hygraph as the CMS and React.js for the frontend.

Hygraph customer success story - Autoweb

Extend the platform as per needs.

Use pre-built apps from our marketplace or build custom ones to customize the CMS interface or connect with other tools that are part of your architecture.

Apps Marketplace

Browse through our pre-built integrations

App Framework

Built apps to extend platform capabilities


Trigger webhooks for events in Hygraph

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