Here's a quick summary of everything we released in Q1 2024.

Vue Storefront

Integrate Hygraph with Vue Storefront to manage your inventory and bring in powerful eCommerce capabilities into your Hygraph projects.

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About Vue Storefront

Vue Storefront provides shopping experiences like native apps, boosts site performance, and customization. As a prominent platform in the “Frontend as a Service” category and a member of the MACH Alliance, Vue Storefront is helping lead the conversation on adopting best-of-breed solutions to build eCommerce experiences API-first.

About the Hygraph and Vue Storefront App

To make it easier to build modern storefronts with Hygraph, Vue Storefront has released an official integration to empower the experience of online shopping even more.

This integration is built on top of a Nuxt.js module that you can install along with your Vue Storefront application. The module provides a connection with the Hygraph and the Vue Storefront public API.

Using it, you will receive data that you can use to build autogenerated components from Storefront UI. This data will also be rendered to the Vue.js components.


To use the Vue Storefront Hygraph integration, you need to add the @vsf-enterprise/graphcms package into your Vue Storefront application:

npm install @vsf-enterprise/graphcms --save


yarn add @vsf-enterprise/graphcms

Please note that this is an enterprise app available as part of Vue Storefront's private registry. We recommend getting in touch with their team for enabling this app in your project.

Quickstart and Resources

To get familiar with the Vue Storefront app and working with their APIs, we recommend starting with their documentation on the Hygraph integration.

For any assistance with using apps or sharing any feedback, get in touch with us via our on-site chat or via out community Slack.

Build your own app

Build your own app using our SDK and extend Hygraph functionalities according to your unique requirements.