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To-Do App

Simple to-do app built with Hygraph, Next.js, Next/Auth, and SWR, focused on user-generated content with task management.

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About the starter

The Hygraph To-Do starter is a simple reference application focused on creating user-generated content. Built using Next.js, Next/Auth, and SWR, this starter let's you get up and running with user-generated content and user authentication with a deployable frontend.

This example uses SWR to fetch, and mutate user todos using Next.js API Routes, backed by GraphQL. Users can log in using NextAuth.js.

NextAuth.js has a REST API you should use to create custom login pages.


The Hygraph Blog starter comes with these powerful features out of the box

  • Authenticate with NextAuth.js
  • Uses the popular SWR data hooks library
  • Uses Tailwind CSS


Get up and running with your own To-Do App within minutes!

![Clone project](

![Deploy with Vercel](,GRAPHCMS_TOKEN,NEXTAUTH_URL,NEXTAUTH_SECRET&demo-title=User%20Todo%20App%20Demo&demo-description=A%20todo%20app%20powered%20by%20Next.js%2C%20GraphQL%2C%20and%20useSWR&

Build your own app

Build your own app using our SDK and extend Hygraph functionalities according to your unique requirements.