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The GraphQL Report 2024

Best practices from prominent GraphQL users.

Jing Li
Jing Li
Dino Kukic
Dino Kukic
Image for The GraphQL Report 2024

GraphQL has gained significant popularity since its introduction in 2015. Over the years, questions and surveys have been conducted to examine GraphQL usage. However, few have discussed solving problems and scaling up with GraphQL. That’s why we surveyed the GraphQL community on how they solve obstacles when building and consuming GraphQL APIs.

This eBook is therefore compiled based on survey findings, best practices from prominent GraphQL power users, and expertise from GraphQL specialists at Hygraph.

We've spoken to experts from leading organizations to gather unique insights on GraphQL’s scalability and efficiency, examining questions like how to improve performance of GraphQL API, how to improve security of your GraphQL API, and the best approach to handle errors.


Download the full report for:

  • In-depth insights into GraphQL's scalability and efficiency
  • Real-world examples and best practices from GraphQL power users
  • Practical advice for developers, whether you're building or consuming GraphQL APIs
  • Our journey at Hygraph, managing 2 billion complex GraphQL requests monthly, and achieving a remarkable 90% cache hit ratio

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