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Community Update: August 2021

Welcome to the first Community Release Newsletter from Hygraph.
Alexandra Buckalew

Alexandra Buckalew

Aug 31, 2021
hygraph community update - august 2021

As you know, our mission is to unify the Content Layer and our community is at the heart of this. Every other month, we want to take some time to shine the spotlight on our community members, share insights and valuable resources we’ve noticed in our community and in the larger world of development.

Want to be featured in our next Community Update? Join our community to show off how Hygraph has powered your project or business and inspire others in the process.

#Join Our Livestream With Scott Spence

On Thursday, September 2nd at 3pm CEST, Developer Advocate Scott Spence will lead the charge when it comes to our first of many community livestreams. He has been building two different projects, and will talk about each and the idea and design behind them, including:

  • Social links page, or template for adding all your social links to one place

  • An overview of the latest project Scott is working on with SvelteKit and Hygraph

Have a question for Scott? Send it to us through our community slack to be read on air!

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#This Month's Community Spotlight

So many people are using Hygraph to power their personal and professional projects. Creativity and flexibility are at the center of our community, and we want to take some time every other month to show off what our members are working on.

Art Portfolio


We can't help but be drawn into Ismay Wolff's art portfolio (see what we did there). His simple design pulls your focus right to his unique and captivating artwork. And it doesn't hurt that he relies on Hygraph for asset management and Next.js as his framework to keep his portfolio running smoothly.

Check out his portfolio here -->
Follow him on LinkedIn-->

Privada Law


Website built by Leigh Halliday with content and design by Marina Serna, Canadian law agency Privada Law uses Hygraph for their content and platform needs. Check out their off-beat design.

Check out their website here -->
Read Leigh Halliday's blog: Next.js with Hygraph: Static Site Generation & API Routes -->

Linktree Clone


Cadu de Castro Alves built a linktree clone for himself using Next.js, Hygraph, and Codesandbox. A seemingly simple idea, but brilliant execution and great way for people to find him and his work. We also can't help but love his dedication to staying safe with his avatar mask.

Check out his work here -->
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Do you have a project you want to show off? Let us know about it.

#Community Blog

Trust us when we say this, we could talk and type for hours, but we want to hear from you! Have a project, idea or helpful resource you want to promote? Tell us about it to get the chance to write for our blog and be featured in our next Community Update.

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#What is Hygraph Working on?

Interested in what we've been cooking up? Our internal Hygraph developers are working on a lot of important and exciting projects that we will release next month that we can't wait to tell you about.

In the meantime, explore some of our past releases.

Introducing Monthly Live Product Demos

Our team at Hygraph will be hosting live product demos once a month on our Youtube channel. These demos will give users a chance to see some of the newest features demoed and ask questions with live feedback. Each demo will feature a specific product feature to highlight and will be a great starting place for new users.

Read more about Live Product Demos —>

GraphQL Conf. 2021

As you know, we're organizing this year's GraphQL Conf. with our friends at commercetools. With just a month to go, we've got some fantastic speakers lined up and are doing some random GraphQL swag drops. Register for your free ticket and invite your friends!

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Alexandra Buckalew

Alexandra Buckalew

[she/her] Alex is driving our product marketing efforts at Hygraph. She's also a storyteller and a mac & cheese enthusiast.

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