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Working with the Hygraph Examples Monorepo

Our Developer Advocate, Scott created an explainer video for each of the code examples on the Hygraph examples repository.
Scott Spence

Scott Spence

Jul 07, 2021
Working with the Hygraph monorepo

Over the past several weeks, I have been making a brief explainer video for each of the code examples in the Hygraph examples repo over on GitHub.

Each video is captioned and available on a YouTube playlist.

I found this a great learning experience for me as I had to familiarise myself with each example, some of my favorite examples were:

We'll be continuing to update the playlist with more example videos so let us know if there is a specific topic you want us to cover! Just write us a short message in our Community Slack and we will keep it in mind.

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Scott Spence

Scott Spence

Developer Advocate @Hygraph • Learner of things • Jamstack • Svelte

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