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Making the move to MACH architectures

We recently caught up with Kelly Goetsch, CPO at commercetools and Co-founder of the MACH alliance, to talk about companies making the move to MACH.
Ronak Ganatra
Kelly Goetsch

Ronak & Kelly

Apr 06, 2022
making the move to mach

I recently caught up with Kelly to talk about the MACH alliance, and what it means for companies when they try to make the move to a "MACH-first" architecture.

We start off by talking about the current state of enterprise architectures and what MACH architectures are in contrast. We then dive into why is it in a company’s interest to re-platform towards a MACH architecture – and what are some differences in considerations between mid-market companies and enterprise companies looking to modernize their stack.

Finally, we proceed towards the state of adoption for MACH architectures with a particular focus on eCommerce companies and dive into why there's a need for a MACH alliance, as well as some upcoming plans for the Alliance.

If you're exploring the move to a MACH architecture yourself, download our eBook that highlights a pragmatic approach to re-platforming legacy architectures into a MACH compliant one.

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