Here's a quick summary of everything we released in Q1 2024.

Headless CMS for eCommerce

Build eCommerce experiences for any channel with a CMS that offers great performance and flexibility.


Trusted by teams of all sizes to deliver content to millions across the world.

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Traditional eCommerce tech is slowing you down

Engineering teams are tied down in non-value adding development; backend, glue code, middleware, etc.

It takes a long time for marketing teams to launch new products or update information.

With an API-first approach, launch campaigns, and features 10x faster

Empower devs to build with utmost flexibility using any technology of choice.

Enable marketing teams to independently publish and update product content.

For devs

Build and launch innovative features faster

Improve developer productivity by simplifying integration and backend management, enabling business users and eliminating content bottlenecks.


Clone our eCommerce starter to experience the difference

Within minutes, clone and experiment with our eCommerce shop project built using Next.js, TailwindCSS, Stripe, and Hygraph.


For content teams

Launch campaigns faster and ensure consistent information

Independently edit and publish content without involvement of devs, using custom permissions and workflows.


Work autonomously and build pages with ease

Autonomously create and decide the final layout of pages using components and modular content.

3X increase in Content Velocity - Prym

Founded in 1530, and a household name in German eCommerce, the team at PRYM chose Hygraph for the sheer flexibility it showed with the rest of their stack, including Spryker, Medici, and Dynamic Yield - creating an agile and future-proof eCommerce platform that hosts nearly 100,000 unique products.

Hygraph customer success story - Prym

Build future-proof composable eCommerce experiences

With Hygraph's platform extensibility and unique Content Federation capabilities, seamlessly integrate and work with best-of-breed technology systems for your storefront.

Work with multiple systems without overcomplicating the editorial experience

With apps and Hygraph's unique Content Federation, editors don’t have to waste time jumping from system to system, copy-pasting information, relying on obscure IDs, etc.

⁠For example, editors can pick a product from Shopify, images from a catalog, real-time information from a database, etc. and then publish the final page with related data (such as price) automatically fetched from these third-party systems.

Localized content for global markets

Manage large scale commerce operations with multiple internal content creators and a variety of products across markets, with flexible content modeling, granular permissions and internationalization capabilities. 

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Going for a sustainable, state-of-the-art headless content platform was very important to us. With Hygraph, we are able to centralize the tech stack allowing us to easily launch into new markets just by replicating the environments and migrating the content.
Maximilian Steudel
MarTech & Digital Engagement Lead, Dr. Oetker

Why choose Hygraph as your next eCommerce CMS?


Unlike other CMSs that offer a Graph API built on top of REST, Hygraph is GraphQL native. It offers a high-performance API with superior GraphQL features such as mutations and batch operations.

Superior dev experience

Hygraph enhances productivity of engineering teams with tools for developers such as an integrated API Playground, environment management, webhooks, SDK, starters, etc.


Hygraph offers all the capabilities of a headless CMS plus the ones needed to fulfill enterprise requirements such as granular permissions, audit logs, dedicated hosting, custom SLAs, security certifications, etc.

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