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Vue Storefront releases official Hygraph integration

Building modern storefronts with Hygraph and Vue Storefronts got even easier!
Ronak Ganatra

Ronak Ganatra

Feb 10, 2022
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Vue Storefront provides shopping experiences like native apps, boosts site performance, and customization. As a prominent platform in the “Frontend as a Service” category and member of the MACH Alliance, Vue Storefront is helping lead the conversation on adopting best-of-breed solutions to build eCommerce experiences API-first.

With over 1,000+ implementations for customers like Tally Weijl, Zenity, and Lights.IE, Vue Storefront makes it incredibly simple to connect with leading APIs in eCommerce, content management, payments, and search, to name a few.

To make it easier to build modern storefronts with Hygraph, Vue Storefront has released an official integration to empower the experience of online shopping even more.

This integration is built on top of a Nuxt.js module that you can install along with your Vue Storefront application. The module provides a connection with the Hygraph and the Vue Storefront public API.

Using it, you will receive data that you can use to build autogenerated components from Storefront UI. This data will also be rendered to the Vue.js components.

Getting started is as easy as

npm install @vsf-enterprise/graphcms --save


yarn add @vsf-enterprise/graphcms

Kick-off your Hygraph and Vue Storefront project with the official Hygraph integration docs.

Blog Author

Ronak Ganatra

Ronak Ganatra

A free Wi-Fi enthusiast and pizza purist, Ronak is the VP of Marketing at Hygraph. He's also the co-creator of Build Your DXP and co-author of the Composable Architectures for Digital Experiences in the Enterprise report. He also maintains curated resources for marketers on awesome-marketing and awesome-developer-marketing.

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