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Key Hygraph Features

Hygraph helps us build all the dynamic content in our homepage and landing pages. We publish content about promotions, destinations, and educational materials among others.

Consuelo LopezProduct Manager at Flybondi

Use Case

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Travel and Aviation


Flybondi is a leading economy airline in Argentina and an early Hygraph customer. hit a milestone of over 1,000,000 passengers transported in its first year of operation – with more than 10% first-time flyers - Flybondi have occupied a significant portion of the local aviation market.


The key reasons for choosing Hygraph over other systems is the advantage of using a GraphQL Content API and more efficient workflows for web and mobile applications.

Why Hygraph?Anchor

The Flybondi team chose Hygraph for the following reasons.

GraphQL Content APIsAnchor

The powerful GraphQL APIs made it easy for Hygraph to stand out when the Flybondi team was choosing a content infrastructure to power their Web and Mobile Applications. Integrating Hygraph with their wider architecture was simple and straightforward.

Efficient WorkflowsAnchor

The independent workflows enabled made it easy for the Flybondi team to create and publish content for their homepage and landing pages. The Content team has full control over creating and editing content that will improve the end-user experience. The Development team is able to focus on creating new features, rather than updating content on the site.

Headless CMS for MobileAnchor

Hygraph enables the Flybondi team to serve content for both their web application and their mobile application. In creating a single content repository, the Flybondi team is able to seamlessly serve content to their users while creating an efficient workflow for the content team and reducing double work of having to update the same content twice.

Results and BenefitsAnchor

  • Better performance - Improved speed and reliability of mobile and web apps helps decrease the bounce rate of users.

  • Developer productivity - Developers have more time to create new features, which satisfy customers’ needs and improve conversion rates. This gives Flybondi an advantage in a competitive industry, unlocking agile content management workflows to accelerate their content velocity.

  • The Hygraph team is constantly delivering new features making the work of both the Flybondi content creators, and developers easier and more effective. Hygraph helps the airline improve its system performance and achieve a significantly faster time-to-market.

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