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Hygraph customer success story - K + S
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    Aggressive deadlines met

The key technical reasons for selecting the system were the straightforward setup and the easy development flow facilitated by the option to create test projects free of charge.
Fabian Tewes
Fabian Tewes
Project Manager, colorfy GmbH

Use case

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Food and Beverage


K+S is Europe’s largest supplier of potash for use in fertilizer and the world's largest salt producer. Founded in 1889, the company today has about 15.000 employees and is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

One of the recent projects of the K+S Innovation Lab is the Urban Farming App. The vision behind the platform is to improve local access to fresh urban-farmed products, encourage a sustainable food supply chain and create a modern shopping experience for users. The K+S team was looking for a system to power their application content for the Urban Farming App including locations, events, and businesses.


Why Hygraph?

The K+S team chose Hygraph for the following reasons.

Efficient Workflows

The K+S and the agency which implemented the new tech wanted to meet their aggressive timelines. Because of the efficient workflows that Hygraph enabled, with developers creating the overall content structure and the content team handling content the team was able to achieve their goal of a fast time to market.

Powerful GraphQL APIs

The team was able to easily test and debug code within the Hygraph GraphQL Explorer. Working with GraphQL within Hygraph offered additional tooling like auto-complete functionality and automatically generated documentation to keep the development team as productive as possible.


While the initial release of the application only had a single locale, the team hopes to expand this in the future. Having localization functionality built into the schema out of the box makes it easy to continue to add locales as time goes on, without having to duplicate the schema structure.

Results and Benefits

  • Chasing ambitious deadlines, the teams of K+S and their partners at the app development agency Colorfy could achieve an extremely fast time to market thanks to Hygraph.

  • Multi-language support, another key business requirement, ensures a seamless international expansion for the project.

  • Developer productivity was a major priority for the project. It was boosted by the intuitive schema editor and the ability to debug code easily right inside the platform, using the Hygraph API Explorer.

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