Here's a quick summary of everything we released in Q1 2024.

CMS to create schema for complex datasets

Unlock a true modular content strategy by breaking down your content into structured models. With an easy-to-use Schema Builder, quickly define logical relationships between these individual models, even for the most complex datasets.


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Without structure, your content's potential remains untapped

It’s difficult to manage and reuse ever-growing amounts of unstructured information.

In addition, your developers will have limited flexibility to build the right features and components for unstructured content.

Structure your content in modular blocks with Hygraph

With content in modular blocks, editors can reuse content and ensure consistency across channels.

Your developers can build and adapt this content for multiple platforms and use cases without significant backend expertise.

Simplify even the most complex data into a single Graph

Irrespective of the complexity, seamlessly map out your data models, define their interrelationships and instantly generate the resulting API.


Flexibility of a database, usability of a CMS

Hygraph provides content architects, practitioners, and development teams with a seamless and efficient approach to manage their content schema, surpassing the limitations of a traditional database.


Choose to store data in a variety of types

Benefit from the flexibility of storing data in a variety of common GraphQL fields types; string, assets, rich text, integers, boolean, maps, references or even remote data.


Execute schema changes without breaking production systems

With evolving business requirements, introduce new models or make changes to existing ones, programmatically with existing CI/CD workflows or via the UI, testing on safe environments before promoting them to production systems.


Empower content teams with reusable components

Define modular components that content creators can use to independently decide the final structure of pages.


Tapping into the potential of statistical datasets

Statistics Finland used Hygraph to break down and structure important data contained within volumes of long-form articles such as graphs, tables, maps, surveys, censuses, etc. The new modular approach to content allows end-users to access data in the way that’s meaningful to them; independently or as part of a set.

Hygraph customer success story - Statistics Finland

All the capabilities you need for complex schema modeling

Combining content from multiple sources and distributing them to any frontend, content federation unlocks value unmatched by current content management providers.

Providing utmost flexibility

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My eyes lit up at how intuitive content modeling is. Hygraph gives unlimited possibilities of what we can connect and build.
David Smiling
CTO, BioCentury

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